Blessing Of The Lord Mini Farm
We are located north of Spokane,
We raise a mix of critters, from the
smallest little honey bee to the
largest,  a full size horse.

We also raise wonderful small breed
The dogs are our family's
 and every so often we have
some sweet puppies available .   All
our dogs live in the house and are
well loved and cared for.

We also raise AMHA/AMHR, and
ICHR Registered Miniature Horses.
We have shown them and also just
enjoy them as our pets. Every so
often we have one of them for sale
or sometimes a foal.

All our Critters are very well loved
and taken care of.  We have taken in
unwanted farm animals and also
have received rescued animals. We
love every one of these critters and
hope to add more to our family in the
Updated October 10, 2019
Still Updating the web page, but do have current
puppies listed. Thanks