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Thanks very much.
Hello Richelle,  
He is a little
Normal puppy
huh?  Jesse is an
excellent dog to us.
He is
very spoiled.
You are
welcome to
contact us
Thanks again
for giving him
to us.

Sean & Terra
He is very spoiled.  
He sleeps in his
kennel in the
at night, then when
he wakes us up to
go out to use the
bathroom he sleeps
on our bed with us
until time to get up.
We will send a
couple pictures as
soon as we have
some. The kids
friends come over
and play with
Jesse a lot too. We
have several chew
toys he loves to
play with. If you
guys ever want a
reference feel free
to use us. We are
very impressed.
Sean & Terra
A jolly good morning to
Care and joy shared by
your family for those
pups & your animals was
so refreshing.  I had a
great time, and am so
glad I pursued my
conviction to see my
pup's home and family.  
It was so worth it!!!  
It was so worth it!!!  

I will keep you posted
and send pictures as she

Thanks again!!!
Oct. 22, 2007
Hope you enjoy the photos
Take care,
From Carrie
Oct. 30, 2007

We thought you would
like to see pictures of
our puppy "Ripkin".  
He is
such a good puppy.  He
is four months old now
and at his last checkup
weighed about nine
pounds.  He is a healthy
guy and is very smart.  
already knows how to
fetch, sit and speak and
is learning to stay.  We
still are working on
"come".  He loves to
play with the kids and
our big dog, "Buster".  
He really has brought a
lot of joy to our

God Bless,

The Cates Crew
Nov.11, 2007
Hello Richelle,  "picture

Since she is so young, we
take her a lot of places with
us.  Where ever we go,
people are sure to stop us
and want to know all about
her.  She just eats it up.  
She loves people so much,
she can hardly contain her
excitement. Both our
parents just love her, you
met James' Mom, she can't
hardly keep her hands off of
Zara.  My Dad comes and
babysits a couple times a
week after he gets off of
work since he get home
much earlier than James or
I.  Zara can barely wait to
see him.  If we bring her
over to my parents' house,
she practically jumps out of
my arms to get to my Dad.  
The feeling's mutual.  
Anyway, we just wanted to
say thank you for giving us
such a wonderful puppy.  
She is absolutely a blessing
and we couldn't have asked
for a better baby girl.  I
hope you are well, and we
will definitely keep you in
mind in the future if we
decide to get another dog.  

Thanks again,

Jan. 6, 2008
Hi Richelle,

We just LOVE our
newest family member!  
Our son named him PJ
(formerly blue collar).  
His adjustment to our
home has been going
smoothly.  PJ loves to
play in fresh snow with
his kids.  He already
knows how to sit and
stay.  His potty training
is going well with a
mistake every now and
then.  He has never
cried at night but will
tell you that at 8AM it's
time to go out.  The vet
here said he's a healthy
little boy!  We would
like to thank you and
your family with
working out the
logistics of getting him
to us!

The Malik Family
Juneau, AK
Jan. 7, 2008
We're very pleased with
her, and she is very

Thank you Richelle.
Keep up the great work!

Tom Crabill
Olympia, WA
February 23, 2008

Just wanted to give you an update
on our puppy Ginger.  
Our daughter LOVED her and so do
She has adjusted so well and is the
puppy.  She is already potty trained
and we
have had no accidents in the house.  
We keep
her in one spot on the grass in our
yard and she goes there every time.  
She sleeps well at night and is so
quiet.  We have had no whining or
barking.  During the day she runs and
plays with the girls, lays around and
relaxes and loves to sit in our laps to
nap.  She has not given us any trouble
in her crate and has been a joy.
Was right there watching her ( I
attached a cute photo of my proud
daughter and her new best friend,
Ginger)  She is being well taken care
of and is getting lots of love from our
Thank you for her!  She is a

God's blessings,
Brooke Hupp and family
June 30, 2008

We bought a Cockapoo
puppy from you back in
July and he is now 6
months old.  We simply
adore him (Yoshi).  He
has brought us so many
smiles and so much
happiness.  We thank
you for allowing us to
have him in our lives.  I
have attached a picture
for you to see.  This
picture of Yoshi when
he was only 3 1/2
months old.

November 14, 2008
Hi Richelle,

Just an update..our little
Ginger is just about 6
months old now and we love
her more than ever.  What a
fantastic dog.  She's so smart
and obedient and of course
very cuddly and cute.  She is
the perfect family dog and
great tempered with the
kids.  Here are some cute
pictures of our sweeties.

Happy Halloween from
Ginger and the Girls!!
the Hupps
October 2008

rain and ice...lol.
rain and ice...lol.

absolutely adore him and love
absolutely adore him and love
running around the house with
him...even letting him chew on
our socks he has put holes
in...lol.   Thank you so much
for your kindness again!!
for your kindness again!!

for your kindness again!!

for your kindness again!!

I have gone ahead and
attached a few pics.  to let you
see how he looks.
January 2, 2009
Hi Richelle,
We got home!!!!
It was a very long day
yesterday......weather into
Spokane and out was
very trecherous!
But....our puppy did
wonderfully. She slept most
of the day and didn't
complain at all. She cried a
little last night but not much.
children are thrilled ......great
to see teenagers so excited.
Thank you again and very
nice meeting you.

May God bless you and your

Mary Kathryn Perrin
December 30, 2008
Hi Richelle,

Just wanted to thank you again
for our puppy!  We named him
Dash and
he is absolutely darling!  He is
very loved by us all!  He visited
vet last Monday and got a
clean bill of health.  He did
great over the
holidays and was not the least
bit nervous or shy with our
members or during the holiday
travels.  He also met my
parents golden
retriever, who was scared to
death of our tiny little guy and
run away from the puppy-
quite a sight to see!  I think he
exceptionally smart because he
has figured out potty pad
already and rarely has an
accident anywhere else in the
house - so

Anyway, I just wanted to let
you know how great he is
doing and thank
you again for an amazing dog!  
I attached a couple of pictures
of Dash
with his new brother and sister
; )  Hope you had a merry

God Bless!

Julie Williams
December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays.

December 22, 2008
What Joy Charlie has brought to us!  We wanted to
share some of it with you.  Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year. 2008


Charlie, Larry, and Keka.
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