Happy Clients
Beatrice is doing Grand! I
think she is the smartest little
dog I've ever encountered,
very funny and bright.  
She has returned spark back
to our older
miniature poodle.  I don't
know what we did
before we had her.  She
showers us with joy
and laughter from the moment
her bright
eyes open until she goes to
sleep at the end
of the day.  We All adore her.
I would like to Thank you so
much for my puppy.  
I named her Pebbles
and the name fit's her
so well as she has not
grown but a little bit.  
She has brought so
much joy and love
into my life.  
I knew I was missing
something and she has filled the
void in my life.  She goes
everywhere with me.  Everybody
ask me where did you get her and
I tell them of your web address.  
www.critterswehave.com.  I was
so lucky to have come across it
the day that I did.  She is my
baby and I Love her dearly. If it
were not for people like you and
your family I wouldn't have her.
I can't thank you enough for
what you have given.  She has
been to many States a total of 7
states and she travels well. Once  
again Thank you very  Much for
what you have  given me.  
Hello,  I thought I'd take the time to
share how happy I am with our new
dog "Vanilla."  She is just the
sweetest little thing I have ever met.  
She likes to
follow me around all day long and she
loves to cuddle
on my pillow at
night.  I am looking
forward to a
wonderful lifetime
with my new little
dog.  Thank you so
He thinks he is as big as they
come,  and  tries so hard to
be 'tough'. He is such a
lover-sleeps in the bed with us
at night, and almost never
leaves our sides. He always
wants to be a part of what is
going on, especially at mealtime!
He really is a great little dog.
We look forward to many
wonderful years with him.
-Bob and Carol Tinner"
We adopted our

schnoodle Cosmo in May
of 2007, and we've loved
every minute with him
since! He's extremely
smart and, at the age of 3
1/2 months, has learned
sit, stay, come, and potty.
He's also quite the
looker and gets lots of
attention everywhere he
goes. Great dog, calm
disposition, very loving,
and playful too! Thanks
for a wonderful

Jamie, Andy,
and Cosmo!
Her and the baby will
make quite the team, he
was taking all the socks
out of the laundry basket
and she was taking off
with the socks. She is very
sweet and we are all in
love with her. She is
running all over the place
and loves to cuddle.
Thank you very much for
this sweet addition to our  
My daughter named the
puppy "Crema" and
she's doing fantastic!!  
She is the sweetest
puppy and we're all
completely in love with
her.  She's healthy and
happy,  and she's very
smart.   She's calm and
cuddly and likes to be
carried around but at
the same time she's very
frisky and playful.  
She's been very
Thank-you.  You can
be assured that
Crema is very well
loved and care for.
My best
He is doing
great. He is very
smart. We
thank you
again.    Dustin
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